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Rules of procedure






The establishment is open from December 1st to October 30th, the gate will be open from 8am to 11pm. The establishment will be closed from the 1st to the 30th of November. No exceptions to this rule will be made without prior authorization from the management.


The reception office and the food service are open from 9am to 12pm and from 3.30pm to 7pm during the entire opening period of the campsite. (During the high season from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 9pm) You will find all the information on the services, the animations and the rentals of the campsite, as well as information on the activities and the tourist attractions of the surroundings. The bread and pastry service is available every day by reservation, the day before for the morning.


To be allowed to enter, settle or stay at the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite, you must be authorized by the management or its representative. The latter are obliged to ensure to the good behavior and good order of the latter, as well as to respect the application of the present internal regulations. The fact that any person stays at the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite implies full acceptance of the provisions of these rules and the commitment to comply with them. No one may derogate from this. No one may take up residence there.


Any person who is to stay for at least one night must first report to the reception and to the management or its representative. He or she must also present an up-to-date identity card and the vehicle’s papers in accordance with the regulations and formalities required by the police. Customers with a child to whom they are not related will be required to present parental permission and proof of the child’s identity. For foreigners, and in application of the law and article R 611-35 of the code of entry and residence of foreigners, the management or its representative is obliged to have the client of 15 years of age and over fill in, on arrival, an individual police form mentioning the surname, first names, date and place of birth, nationality, address of the usual place of residence. Children under 15 years of age may be included on their parents’ records.


Fees are to be paid at the reception desk upon arrival and for the entire stay. The same applies to visitors, vehicles and additional tent(s), as well as to all additional services offered by the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite. The amount of the fees is displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or bank transfer. Holiday vouchers and luncheon vouchers are not accepted.


Visitors must be presented at the reception desk by the hosts. The management or its representative reserves the right to accept them or not, without any justification. In the case of a validation and after having paid all fees, they are under the responsibility of the hosts. They will have to respect the present rules in its entirety and will have access to all the common infrastructures of the campsite. At the request of the management or its representative visitors’ cars may be banned from the campsite and must be parked outside.


Within the campsite, motor vehicles and bicycles must travel at a limited speed of 10 KM/hour. They aren’t allowed to be used between 10pm and 8am unless authorized by the management and in case of emergency. They must respect the signs, the right of way rules and the direction of traffic, and stop when there are children and pedestrians. Overtaking is not permitted. They must be parked in the space that has been allocated to the customer. Under no circumstances must the vehicle be on the roadway, obstructing the movement of people and vehicles. The pitches that have been allocated to the customer are dedicated to the parking of leisure accommodation, tent, caravan, camper or other and a motor vehicle. Vehicles must be parked in the starting position.


The client must check with his insurance company that he has a holiday extension under his home insurance policy and the conditions of cover.


The Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite is equipped with video surveillance with recording, it is registered and legalized in the Haute Alpes prefecture.


A first aid kit and a defibrillator are available at the reception. Fires, charcoal grills and wood and charcoal barbecues are not permitted. Fire extinguishers are available at various locations on the campsite. In the event of theft, damage or any other dispute concerning the property of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite (building, furniture, games and infrastructure), the management may call upon the video recordings and the police services to take all necessary measures for their investigations. This will result in the expulsion of the belligerent(s) without any compensation or refund. In the event of drunkenness on the premises of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite, the management will be obliged to call in the police and, if necessary, to expel the offenders without compensation. The possession and consumption of any illegal substance or drug on the premises of the Ecolodge des Trois Lacs campsite is strictly forbidden. In case of doubt, suspicion or proven facts, the management will be obliged to call in the police and, if necessary, expel the belligerents without any compensation or refund. It is the responsibility of each individual to look after his or her own equipment, furniture, vehicle and accommodation, and to take all necessary steps to avoid any inconvenience and to ensure that these are properly locked in case of absence. The management declines all responsibility for theft, damage or other malicious acts. The management and the company of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite cannot be held responsible or prosecuted for the above-mentioned facts, even in the event of an unproven error or suspicion.


Noisy and violent games are totally forbidden on the campsite such as: ball games, fights, beach rackets etc. The games played must not disturb or annoy the neighbor’s in and around the area where they are played and must be supervised by a parent to avoid any excesses. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the expulsion of the belligerent(s) without any compensation or refund.


The users and clients of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite, whether they are tenants, campers or visitors, are urged to avoid any noise nuisance, whether verbal or related to televisions, music devices, games, children’s cries and animals. Door and trunk closures should be as discreet as possible. Noise related to cleaning such as washing up, as well as any activities in the fitness area and children’s playground should be discreet. From 24:00 until 8:00 there must be complete silence. Failure to comply with any of these clauses will result in the expulsion of the belligerent(s) without any compensation or refund.


Underage children are under the responsibility and supervision of their parent(s) or guardian, brothers and sisters are excluded (except for adults). They must not wander off on their own and must not use the facilities provided without the accompaniment of a parent. They must not be left alone in the accommodation whether it is a rental, caravan, camper or tent. Parents are responsible for their children’s welfare and safety and are solely responsible for any accidents or other incidents. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that the external access gates are properly closed. The management and staff are committed to the well-being of your children and to making their stay their best holiday memory. The management and company of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite has no childcare facilities and accepts no responsibility for any of the incidents described above. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the expulsion of the belligerent(s) without any compensation or refund.


Everyone is expected to behave visually and verbally in a respectful manner. Nudity is forbidden, as well as abusive and rude words, shouting and any verbal nuisance. Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action that could be detrimental to the peace, quiet, cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite. Dwellings must be maintained, clean, in compliance with traffic, electricity and gas regulations. It is forbidden to urinate or throw waste water on the ground. Caravaners or camper vans are obliged to empty their grey water in the place provided for this purpose, as well as their black water cassette. Washing, especially of clothes, must be done in the bins provided for this purpose in the sanitary building or in the laundry. It is forbidden to put nails or screws in the trees or in any other place. It is forbidden to prune or cut any vegetation, trees, bushes, flowers, etc. Planting is not permitted without written permission from the management. Floral plantings and decorations must be respected as well as all the furniture, buildings and infrastructure of the campsite. Laundry racks should be discreet, clotheslines between trees are not allowed. It is also not permitted to mark out a site by any personal means whatsoever, unless authorized in writing by the management. It is also forbidden to scrape or dig the soil at any depth. Any damage or non-compliance with the above measures may result in a request for compensation from the management and the expulsion of the offender(s) without any compensation or refund.


All facilities made available to customers must be used in accordance with the strictest of regulations. It is the responsibility of everyone to be aware of the instructions for use and to ensure that the structure or equipment is used appropriately. The children’s games provided are strictly for use with an adult parent, older brothers or sisters are excluded. They must ensure that the games are used correctly and that the age requirements are met. It is also the responsibility of each person to check the condition of the structure or game used and to report any damage to the management of Camping les Ecolodges des 3 Lacs. Any damage caused by non-compliance with these instructions may result in compensation being paid to the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite company, as well as the eviction of the offender(s). The Société du camping les Ecolodges des 3 Lacs declines all responsibility in the event of an accident on these structures and games if they are misused or the instructions for use are not followed. As a result, video footage and the police will be used to determine responsibility. Any false declaration will result in expulsion without any compensation or refund.


They must be presented at the reception desk with their vaccination booklet, and tattoo or marking certificate for dogs or cats. First category animals are not allowed. The management or its assistant reserves the right to refuse an animal or to impose special equipment without any justification. The company of the Ecolodges des 3 Lacs campsite, as well as its entire team, is committed to respecting animal welfare. For this reason, any abuse will be reported and possibly evicted. There is no charge for your beloved dogs and cats, including in the rental accommodation. However, it is imperative to respect certain rules, in order to be able to continue with this approach, such as the keeping on a leash of each one, small and big, whatever its race, its color or its size. The lanyards are accepted on the condition that they do not allow it to leave the limits of the site which was dedicated to you. They must not ramble alone, they must be walked outside the enclosure of the campsite. If they come however and accidentally, to make their needs in the enclosure of the campsite, you have the obligation to collect them, with the bags which were given to you, or at the disposal in distributors. They should never be left alone in your accommodation or on your pitch, they should be with you wherever you go. They should not be allowed to sleep outside or locked up in your car, kennel and dedicated enclosure. Repeated barking is not allowed. In the vicinity of lakes they must be kept on a leash or tether, and their excrement must also be picked up. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the expulsion of the belligerent(s) without any compensation or refund.


Information of article L.223-2: the consumer has the possibility of registering on the list of opposition to cold calling.


Contact details of the consumer ombudsman:

Mister Robert GARCIN

Impasse des Jardins

05000 Gap

French law is the only applicable to this contract.


In accordance with article L121-18-4° of the consumer code, you have no right of withdrawal.


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